Neighbours helping neighbours across Renfrew County

Renfrew County Food Banks

After Covid-19 put a lot of people out of work and the costs of housing skyrocketed, a lot of Ottawa Valley families have been left without enough to eat. Help is available, but some people aren't coming forward for help from local food banks.

Some people who need food simply don't know it is available. Others may feel uncomfortable about asking for it. They needn't.

Renfrew County's food banks are run by caring neighbours who understand the stress of the times and the importance of confidentiality.

This website is about helping you feed yourself and your family. Or, if you want to volunteer or donate, it's about how you can offer help to your neighbours.

It's also a place to share news and information. Please visit, please contact your local food bank if you need help, and please contact your local food bank if you can pitch in.

If you need help, the first step is to phone your local food bank - it's important to go to the one nearest you and stick with it, so they can have a steady sense of what they need - and set up a way to get help that works for you. Volunteers with local food banks understand how stressful this is for you and will do all they can to help! It's all about neighbours helping neighbours.

For contact information for any of the food banks in the area, go here.